Consultancy Services

The right FIT

Professional consultancy to set up a gym business

On the lookout for business opportunities in the fitness industry but lack the know-how and business network to dive your investment into starting a gym?

At The Movement Factory, we have the expertise to provide turn-key solutions professionally.

With proven track records in the fitness industry, we have ample capabilities and experience to provide consultancy and guidance from the start to even running the gym on a day-to-day basis on your behalf.

The extent of our involvement varies according to your requirement and we are able to customise a business plan to suit your needs.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Location sourcing

  • Liaison with landlord

  • Marketing strategy and execution

  • Branding, Advertising & Promotion

  • Recruitment of fitness trainers, operation and sales staff

  • Daily management and running of your gym on your behalf


What makes us the right FIT?

The Movement Factory is a one-stop fitness service provider. Our holistic approach to fitness has opened our eyes to the many regimes that have come and gone through the years. With the broad spectrum of training methodologies and innovations under our belt, you can be sure that the right fit for your gym and your members is only a call away.

After years of embedding ourselves at the heart of fitness culture, the latest innovations are paired with our enviable breadth of experience giving us our forward-looking vision, winning us accolades, recognition, and success in the fitness industry.

Success comes with being at the right place and the right time, but most importantly, working with the right people makes a big difference in your journey to success. Have a chat with us today and let the journey begin! Let us show you that we are the right FIT indeed!

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